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Blow, Jeff, blow!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012



I had coffee with an old friend today. Jeff Burnette is a force. He has been a glass artist for I don’t know how long, but I know it’s a really long time. He has worked in production glass in Mexico and has blown glass here in Vancouver for aeons. He is an “old hand”. Jeff has done it all in the glass business. But I am captivated by his combination of youthful enthusiasm combined with the wisdom one only gains through falling down, picking yourself up and doing it all over again.

When I first met him, he was in a group called V6 near Granville Island. It was a collective of talent that had everyone’s attention, including ours. We were planning a big project for a client and needed international design and art superstars to feature in a series of books and promotions. After an exhaustive search we found them all in Vancouver —  Martha Sturdy, John Fluevog, V6 (I’ll focus on Jeff) and Niels Bendsten. The project involved books, posters, invitations, and two stunning books.


It was a smash success…We toured 14 cities in North America, showing an exquisite film we made about all four artists/designers.

I have always been fascinated by Jeff and his work since then. Jeff’s “personal” work is his ray guns. You can see more of them here. He has had innumerable shows of his work and heaps of recognition.


Jeff continues to reinvent himself with time and the shifts in the world. He is leading a team of production glass artists right now as well as working on his personal projects and commissions. His work is beautiful. He cares about it. I recommend a look!