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Emily Carr University’s Jonathan Aitken

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011


W5W or Who, What, When, Where and Why Wednesday #2.

I teach with Jonathan. He is full-time faculty at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and his practice involves the exploration of animated typography.

Who are you?: a middle-aged professor, father, husband, hiker, sailor and kayaker [editor's note: sounds like he belongs in BC, to me....]

What do you do? For a living I teach, but for sustenance I get outside, usually somewhere wild.

Why do you do it? While I need to work, teaching/research allows for endless variety and challenges. Outdoor, remote places rejuvenate me.

Where do you do it? Vancouver and mostly in BC, but I love Yukon.

When do you do it? All year, teaching when school is in and grabbing weekends when I can, then using the summers to pursue the outdoors.

See Jonathan’s work on his website