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Using Design Thinking

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

I’d like to share a link to a Ted Talk by Tim Brown of IDEO. It beautifully illustrates what design has grown up to be, or is starting to grow up to be. Design thinking is transferable to problem solving in every realm and, in fact, is a way to break down old paradigms and think far more creatively. Design thinking is special, and it’s this thinking, not any lovely artifact or output produced by it, that makes design one of the most important professions of our time. In Tim Brown’s examples, “big” problems of hunger, thirst and poverty are illustrated. But shortcomings in our western world can also be solved by design thinking. When we think outside of artifacts — products, books, posters — and think about culture and understanding, we solve meaningful problems, produce less junk and make people’s lives richer if not better.

Casey Hrynkow, Partner
Herrainco Brand Strategy + Design Inc.