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SPIN Farming and Design

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

I’m a serious foodie and I grow my own. My sister and I work a community garden plot in Richmond and, with varying rates of success, grow fat Roma tomatoes, fava beans, garlic, onions, kale and arugula. I could be described as being passionate about local food.

Our community garden effort

Our community garden effort

Arzeena Hamir is coordinator of the Richmond Food Security Society and writes for the Richmond Review. In yesterday’s Review, she explained that the BC Association of Farmer’s Markets will hold is AGM in concert with the Richmond Food Security Society March 11-13. They’re calling it Working Together to Strengthen Our Local Food System.

For those who are not yet converts to the local food movement, let me explain, in brief. If you’re buying tomatoes from Chile, they are grown in soil you don’t know about, sprayed with stuff you don’t know about, then shipped at great expense, time and use of fossil fuels to the Lower Mainland. The fact that they might be cheap should worry you. If you buy local tomatoes — or better still — grown your own, you can choose organic if you want to be sure of what went into and on the tomato, but you do know that local means it had a short trip in a truck and was likely picked a day or two ago. The taste is better, the texture is better.

This kind of passion isn’t for everybody, I suppose. I prefer to buy less and buy better. I know that the increases in obesity, cancer and various other diseases seems to have coincided with the growth of factory farms, so I want to pull it back to the local level.

Back to the conference…
Curtis Stone will be giving two workshops on SPIN farming — Small Plot Intensive farming — during the conference. It’s a slightly bigger operation than our tiny little effort, but makes local farming possible in small spaces.

So, how does this relate to design? Design is problem-solving. It’s taking what you have and making something work with it. Whether that’s industrial design or communication design. The local food movement is designing better solutions to our food supply every day. I love food. I love design. What’s not to like? I blog about food here.

Casey Hrynkow, Partner
Herrainco Brand Strategy + Design Inc.