UBC’s Amanda Fetterly


W5W or Who, What, When, Where and Why Wednesday #3.

Amanda is the Sustainability Chair for the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, BC Chapter. You can follow her on Twitter @afetterly.

Who are you?
A soul contained by a physical realm who feels most alive when identifying with
descriptors such as daughter, sustainable designer, learner/teacher.

What do you do?
I’m at my best when I am 30% scared shitless and 70% overjoyed about my work. I use my communication design powers to elevate and promote the areas of campus sustainability, transportation, and community planning at the University of British Columbia. For the next six months I am working at Public Affairs to bring the brand to life on the new digital signage around campus.

Why do you do it?
I have never questioned what I am meant to do because for as long as I can remember I’ve been doing it (collaging and repurposing magazines as  child, writing poetry in the sand) and it it fills my life with joy, meaning and purpose. Through I make it a habit to question just about everything else, I have an insatiable curiosity which serves me well.

Where do you do it?
In the most secret design studio on the west coast, overlooking the pacific ocean on UBC’s point grey campus. I have a billion dollar view, when I look out the window I feel like I am at the edge of the world and I gain an appreciation for why people thought that the earth was flat at one point.

When do you do it?
9-5 on paper, 8:30–6:30 most days, 24/7 in head and heart.

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3 Responses to “UBC’s Amanda Fetterly”

  1. Great idea for a column, Casey. Looking forward to “meeting” more of the awesome people you’ll be highlighting!

  2. Marga says:

    So proud of this girl… she is awesome!

  3. Andy Maier says:

    Great profile idea Casey, can we have you do that for GDCBC too?! And I second Marga’s comment, Ms Fetterly is destined for great things!!

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