Lake Country Harvest’s Paula Diakiw


This is the first in a series we’re calling W5W or Who, What, When, Where and Why Wednesday.

Paula is a client, she’s also my little sister. But I still treat her as badly as I treat all our clients.

Who are you?: I’m a woman with a mission, and a belief. I am an optimist, a mother, and a builder of my community.

What do you do? I dry our Okanagan bounty, and share it with the public. Everyone gets a taste, even if they aren’t buying. I’m building a company around my passion, and I’m loving it!

Why do you do it? I cry inside when I see so much Okanagan fruit wasted. I want to show our growers that we value what they do, and that what they do means more than the short season we see it fresh on the shelves.

Where do you do it? In beautiful, quiet, Lake Country, on a no through road, right where the paving ends. It’s surrounded by lodgepole pines. And it has a peek-a-boo view of Okanagan Lake.

When do you do it? I start with the first tastes of summer, and don’t stop. There is just so darned much to do, and only one lifetime to do it. So it’s pretty much sun up to sun down!

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