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An Open Letter to Plum Clothing

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

Frankly, I’m disappointed that a successful local company such as Plum Clothing would resort to the cheap tactics of a design contest. What it clearly conveys is that Plum lacks faith in the local design community, comprised of many respected and internationally award-winning designers who have made a lot of money for clients like Plum. The low fee suggests that Plum feels that this is fair compensation for the work, and something designers will jump at. And I suspect they are right — they will attract young, inexperienced or amateur designers who no doubt might think this is fair, until they learn more from their peers. In the end, this really reflects on Plum’s ethics, behaviour and lack of branding knowledge. Why is it that an American retailer like Saks 5th Avenue will hire a local Vancouver designer to launch a whole campaign, while local retailers still want to play the competition game. I can’t say I wish you luck.