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Ariella Eini promotes the Partners for Life Program at Canadian Blood Services

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


Over the last three years I have worked with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada/BC Chapter in the Partners for Life Program with Canadian Blood Services. This is a great program that encourages members of community groups, professional organizations, etc. to band together to donate blood because “every minute of every day, someone needs blood”. Ariella is an enthusiastic promoter of this program, and I invite you to get in touch with her at the Vancouver Oak Street Clinic at 604.707.3441 and get your organization involved.

Who are you?
I am a Community Development Coordinator for Canadian Blood Services. I am also a baker, gardener, cyclist and hiker that pretends to know how to knit.

What do you do?
At Canadian Blood Services, I work with students, faith-based groups and a wide spectrum of businesses to get people donating blood. It’s a great job! Blood donors are such kind people. I hear the most amazing and inspiring stories that make me so proud to do what I do.

Why do you do it?
Every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood. Since we can’t manufacture blood in a lab, the only way for us to have blood available for those that need it is for people like you and I to be rolling up our sleeves and donating.

Almost two years ago now, a close friend of mine was in a terrible bicycle accident. If not for blood donors - the people that generously give up their time for a package of cookies - she wouldn’t be with us today. I am eternally grateful for that and it grounds me in my work everyday.

Where do you do it?
I live and work in Vancouver.

When do you do it?

I’m one of those Monday - Friday working folk. Outside of those hours, you can find me in the kitchen making banana bread, weeding my garden or hiking through the forests looking for old-growth trees.

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