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Ian Bray, ink stained wretch

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

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We have worked with Ian since the 1980s. He was just a young boy starting out back then…. Ian has written much of our most notable work, all of the Bravo campaign as well as the highly successful Luna Pizza and Beer books. He’s definitely a brain worth picking.

Who are you?
Professionally, a grizzled freelance writer/producer/creative guy.
Personally, a husband, father, brother, parent wrangler, uncle and friend.

What do you do?
I write anything and everything for anyone and everyone. Discount store flyers to national multimedia campaigns. I write websites, product labels, ads, corporate positioning, TV and radio spots, annual reports, newsletters, corporate videos and weaselly micetype disclaimers. I’ve written medical manuals for colorectal procedures and funny TV spots for airlines. Because I consider myself a craftsman, no job is too small – it just needs to be fundamentally interesting. (Thus the colorectal job.)

Why do you do it?
I love the creative process, exchanging and growing ideas with others.
But mostly, I do it for money.

Where do you do it?
I had an office in Yaletown for years, but now I hang my hairpiece in White Rock.

When do you do it?
Officially, I’m at my desk by about 7 AM, Monday to Friday.
Unofficially, I’m always thinking.

@awsamuel and her connection to all things social media

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


Alexandra Samuel is a whirlwind of social media activity. You can follow her on Twitter @awsamuel as well as read her blog posts on Harvard Business Review, among others. I worked with Alex on a project with my 3rd year students this past fall, re-imagining the ebook. Great project for both me and my students to take our brains out for a good run!

Who are you?
I’m a writer in the sea of social media: sometimes swimming, sometimes drowning. I’m lucky that my work lets me think about how to help other people (mostly) swim: I run the Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr University, where I help BC’s creative and tech companies tap the incredibly skills and creativity of Emily Carr faculty and students. I come from the tech sector myself, as the co-founder of Social Signal, a social media agency.

What do you do?
I develop and lead research projects that advance the use of social and interactive media in a range of companies and industries. For example we’ve helped Paperny Films develop its vision for an online community to go with its upcoming TV series for the Food Network, Eat Street. My colleague Glen Lowry collaborated with Work at Play on classroom uses for their social media platform, DEQQ. And I’m really excited about the work that Jonathan Aitken and I have been doing around re-imagining electronic books in partnership with BookRiff and now with the Mozilla Foundation, too.

Why do you do it?
Well, I have a really good shtick I could insert here about how the Internet is changing just about every aspect of our world, which desperately needs changing given the incredible variety of crises we face, and which could be our very best hope for pulling ourselves out of this global nose — dive if we can take charge of our lives and society online and use it to fix our problems instead of making them worse. And that is definitely why I feel like the Internet — and our individual lives online — are so worth attending to. But the truth of why I do it is honestly that I just really, really love touching my computer. A lot.

Where do you do it?
Hmm, right now I am in bed. I would be embarrassed about how much of my blogging, tweeting and report-writing gets done in my bed, except that I have a wicked home media setup that would otherwise be totally wasted. So I try to mix up all the bed-based computing by spending lots of time working in cafés. And also, I do actually work in an office — but that is for human-to-human work as opposed to my human-to-computer work.

When do you do it?
I get pretty cranky if I don’t get at least 6 hours of sleep, preferably 7, so I try not to do it between about midnight and 7 am. Most weekends we have a scheduled family outing or two. And then Monday nights Gossip Girl is on from 9-10. Other than that, assume I’m doing it.

Chava Glouberman translates English to Spanish for our clients. She is a fascinating individual.

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011


Who are you?
I am an immigrant who has gone through the settlement process on more than one occasion. I was born in Paraguay, the daughter of Viennese parents who, at the time of the Anschluss in 1938, seeing the writing in the wall for the Jews there, left that centre of high culture and modernism for the jungles of Southern Paraguay. Several years later, the family moved to Buenos Aires. When I became a young adult I immigrated to and settled in Israel, drawn to the country by the strong belief of the right of the Jewish people to a land of our own, hopefully a free and secure one. My next move was to Canada, following the footsteps of my Canadian partner and our young children.

What do you do?
I work for MOSAIC, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting immigrants and refugees with their settlement and integration needs. Through a variety of programs and services, MOSAIC gives its clients the tools necessary to participate fully in Canadian society. Since its inception over 35 years ago, MOSAIC has become one of the Lower Mainland’s largest immigrant-serving organizations.
At MOSAIC, I work for the Interpretation and Translation Services. My position is Production Manager of the Translations Department. Besides holding a degree in Economics with a major in Business Management, I have an extensive background in language-based work environments, retail service and business planning. Over the last 20 years, I have worked with freelance contractors from a dizzying array of cultural backgrounds.

I am an experienced user of database, word-processing, graphics and formatting software, I also have a keen understanding of cross-platform needs and capabilities, publishing, and communications. For many years I have been serving as the webmaster of our organization and lately I have become even more deeply immersed in all aspects of Social Media and its impact on our agency.

Why do you do it?
I am a keen learner. IT and Social Media fascinate me. The rapid pace of technological advance keeps me engaged and on my toes. The salutary result is that despite the advancing years I still feel young.

Where do you do it?
I am still working at MOSAIC. MOSAIC is to me more than a place of employment. It is an organization that I respect, value and admire. MOSAIC gave me and many others like me an opportunity at a time when our lack of Canadian experience made us less than attractive in the employment market. During my earlier years here I saw the Interpretations Department bloom and explode with unprecedented success. In my capacity as the Manager of the Translations Department I observed the same thing happening again. With the hard work of our team we managed to turn two startups from volunteer outfits to viable fee for services entities, productive in their own rights and important to MOSAIC as a whole.

When do you do it?
Today I do it on a part time basis. The pressures of the managerial position I held in the past require the energy of a younger person. I enjoy the work. I am proud to be associated with an organization like MOSAIC. I could not do without the stimulus, the warmth of my contacts, and the opportunity to continue being productive.

Cari Bird, Senior Graphic Designer at Emily Carr University of Art & Design

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011


Cari wrangles design at the ever growing and changing Emily Carr University. It’s a challenge and she bears up well.

Who are you?
I am a designer, creator, planner and adventurer. I’m an eternal student. I love the outdoors.

What do you do?
I try to have a balanced life - work inside, play outside. I race sailboats, hike, ski and travel to far-flung corners of the earth. When travel isn’t an option I explore new territories at home. Right now I’m delving into the fascinating world of stereoscopic 3D.

Why do you do it?
In my work world, I always have fun, interesting projects on the go! Emily Carr is an endless realm of opportunity. They encourage pushing creative boundaries like no studio I’ve ever worked in. I love being surrounded by raw creative talent - It’s invigorating. In life in general, I love adventure, meeting new people and exploring new territory - it’s why I’ve spent so much time travelling the globe.

Where do you do it?
Vancouver is home, though I grew up on the prairies, I don’t think I could live away from the sea now. I’m lucky to work at Granville Island - it’s teeming with artisans and craftsmen of all sorts.

When do you do it?
You’d think a university would be quieter in the summer but it’s not the case, I’m busy year-round. I save up chunks of time for when I need a breather. Last year I escaped the last of winter by jetting off to Central America for 3 weeks. Bliss!

Ariella Eini promotes the Partners for Life Program at Canadian Blood Services

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011


Over the last three years I have worked with the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada/BC Chapter in the Partners for Life Program with Canadian Blood Services. This is a great program that encourages members of community groups, professional organizations, etc. to band together to donate blood because “every minute of every day, someone needs blood”. Ariella is an enthusiastic promoter of this program, and I invite you to get in touch with her at the Vancouver Oak Street Clinic at 604.707.3441 and get your organization involved.

Who are you?
I am a Community Development Coordinator for Canadian Blood Services. I am also a baker, gardener, cyclist and hiker that pretends to know how to knit.

What do you do?
At Canadian Blood Services, I work with students, faith-based groups and a wide spectrum of businesses to get people donating blood. It’s a great job! Blood donors are such kind people. I hear the most amazing and inspiring stories that make me so proud to do what I do.

Why do you do it?
Every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood. Since we can’t manufacture blood in a lab, the only way for us to have blood available for those that need it is for people like you and I to be rolling up our sleeves and donating.

Almost two years ago now, a close friend of mine was in a terrible bicycle accident. If not for blood donors - the people that generously give up their time for a package of cookies - she wouldn’t be with us today. I am eternally grateful for that and it grounds me in my work everyday.

Where do you do it?
I live and work in Vancouver.

When do you do it?

I’m one of those Monday - Friday working folk. Outside of those hours, you can find me in the kitchen making banana bread, weeding my garden or hiking through the forests looking for old-growth trees.

Casey Hrynkow is a partner in Herrainco Brand Strategy+ Design Inc. a design firm based in Vancouver British Columbia

UBC’s Amanda Fetterly

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011


W5W or Who, What, When, Where and Why Wednesday #3.

Amanda is the Sustainability Chair for the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada, BC Chapter. You can follow her on Twitter @afetterly.

Who are you?
A soul contained by a physical realm who feels most alive when identifying with
descriptors such as daughter, sustainable designer, learner/teacher.

What do you do?
I’m at my best when I am 30% scared shitless and 70% overjoyed about my work. I use my communication design powers to elevate and promote the areas of campus sustainability, transportation, and community planning at the University of British Columbia. For the next six months I am working at Public Affairs to bring the brand to life on the new digital signage around campus.

Why do you do it?
I have never questioned what I am meant to do because for as long as I can remember I’ve been doing it (collaging and repurposing magazines as  child, writing poetry in the sand) and it it fills my life with joy, meaning and purpose. Through I make it a habit to question just about everything else, I have an insatiable curiosity which serves me well.

Where do you do it?
In the most secret design studio on the west coast, overlooking the pacific ocean on UBC’s point grey campus. I have a billion dollar view, when I look out the window I feel like I am at the edge of the world and I gain an appreciation for why people thought that the earth was flat at one point.

When do you do it?
9-5 on paper, 8:30–6:30 most days, 24/7 in head and heart.

Emily Carr University’s Jonathan Aitken

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011


W5W or Who, What, When, Where and Why Wednesday #2.

I teach with Jonathan. He is full-time faculty at Emily Carr University of Art and Design and his practice involves the exploration of animated typography.

Who are you?: a middle-aged professor, father, husband, hiker, sailor and kayaker [editor's note: sounds like he belongs in BC, to me....]

What do you do? For a living I teach, but for sustenance I get outside, usually somewhere wild.

Why do you do it? While I need to work, teaching/research allows for endless variety and challenges. Outdoor, remote places rejuvenate me.

Where do you do it? Vancouver and mostly in BC, but I love Yukon.

When do you do it? All year, teaching when school is in and grabbing weekends when I can, then using the summers to pursue the outdoors.

See Jonathan’s work on his website

Lake Country Harvest’s Paula Diakiw

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011


This is the first in a series we’re calling W5W or Who, What, When, Where and Why Wednesday.

Paula is a client, she’s also my little sister. But I still treat her as badly as I treat all our clients.

Who are you?: I’m a woman with a mission, and a belief. I am an optimist, a mother, and a builder of my community.

What do you do? I dry our Okanagan bounty, and share it with the public. Everyone gets a taste, even if they aren’t buying. I’m building a company around my passion, and I’m loving it!

Why do you do it? I cry inside when I see so much Okanagan fruit wasted. I want to show our growers that we value what they do, and that what they do means more than the short season we see it fresh on the shelves.

Where do you do it? In beautiful, quiet, Lake Country, on a no through road, right where the paving ends. It’s surrounded by lodgepole pines. And it has a peek-a-boo view of Okanagan Lake.

When do you do it? I start with the first tastes of summer, and don’t stop. There is just so darned much to do, and only one lifetime to do it. So it’s pretty much sun up to sun down!

Follow Paula on Twitter @LakeCountryHarv or visit her website,